review is an online resource that is used by students in different stages of their educational journey to learn about writing essays. The website provides tips, advice and even inspirational information on the best way to write essays. However, it is not ideal for students that are in need of an essay writing service that will write essays for them on particular subject areas.


Although the monthly fee of £ 4.99 may seem reasonable, it is not worth the services offered because the customer does not get a customized essay. The amount paid does not guarantee that the skills learnt from the will result in a quality essay when a student tries to write one for one their own. It is likely that the money spent on the learning plan will surpass the amount paid on other essay writing services that write essays on different topics.

Quality of content

The content of the essay is not guaranteed to be up to standard as the information given by either the peers or the teachers may be misinterpreted by the student. Furthermore, customers cannot be sure of the quality of their final essays since they are still amateurs in essay writing.

 Speed of work does not have any set time period on when a student will have learnt enough skills to have them deliver a quality essay. It only provides resources and leaves the customer with the responsibility of writing their own essay while always seeking direction which is very time consuming.

 Quality of support

Users of the site can contact customer service through e-mail but they are encouraged to do only when they have read through the FAQs on the site. Furthermore, the customers on the site can also not contact the authors of the essays displayed on which makes it hard for them to verify whether the information is authentic or not.

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