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General information is where you pay for the paper you see. The special thing about this service is that they allow you to pick a writer. This creates a dynamic that no other service allows.

How it works



3The prices are reasonable due to the fact that the company has to deal with competition, as do
the writers, which has helped to keep prices a little lower without manufacturing a lower quality of work.

The best thing is that you are not asked to pay until you have your essay and are happy with it. You only need to pay once you have accepted the piece. 

Customer support

Customer service does not let them down in any way. There are numerous ways that you may get in touch with a member of the support staff in order to get a swift answer (such as by phone or instant chat), and getting a more detailed and drawn out answer (such as by online ticket submission).

Other features

The entire purchase process is run on a secure network, and the service is confidential. You may give your personal details to your writer if you wish, but it is not necessary. Your essay is written as per your instructions, and you do not need to pay for it until it is finished and you have paid. This means that any amendments needed will be done before you actually pay, which gives the user a heightened sense of value for money, and a security that few other writing services are able to offer.



7 thoughts on “EssayJedi Review

  1. Mark

    ha! i love the name of this service 😉 ordered an essay there yesterday, we’ll see how good they are ))

  2. admin Post author

    Let us know about your experience! I bet you`ll get the best results if you choose a writer with nice feedbacks and wil manage his work at least a little. This is what i like the most about EssayJedi – the ability to control the process. You can choose the writer on the grounds of the feedbacks he or she has, you can monitor the process of work, chat with writer and ask for changes if needed

  3. Parth Rajguru

    hey! i was asked to leave a reply about essayjedi. So, here it is.
    i`ve ordered several essays there and i am sure i can recommend this website to anyone who is looking for a good essay writer. Essayjedi is not really an essay writing service, but more like a freelance platform, where you can order any assignment. I love the design and overall experience about using the interface of the website was fine. Just hit the support chat if you are not sure about smth. The best thing is that the service is completely transparent. YOU choose a writer, YOU can discuss the price, YOU can control the writing. You can hire the same writer over and over again. So this is it. I will never use any shady writing services again after essayjedi

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